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Difference between Do it and Make it

do it

1. have a required effect:

  • Again I did not go and pleaded the same reason. That apparently did it—she stopped asking me to lunch parties.

2. (euph.) have sex:

  • At sixteen you’re horny enough to get an erection watching two parakeets do it, let alone humans.

3. (coll.) make a mess of things; make a foolish blunder:

  • Oh God! I’ve done it again. When will I learn to hold my tongue.

4. (euph.) defecate or urinate:

  • Look what happened. The dog did it again on the Persian carpet!

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase overdo it

1. overexert oneself:

  • He overdid it last winter and now evidently stands in need of rest.

2. carry smth. to excess; do too much:

  • She seemed to be an attractive woman who overdid it with makeup and clothes.

make it

1. successfully accomplish smth.:

  • The charts showed we had made it, and big.

2. recover from an illness, etc.; survive:

  • He’s so sick, I don’t think he’ll make it.

3. get to a particular place, especially in time:

  • Although they got out late, they made it.

4. = do it 2:

  • Those bedroom eyes were telling him their owner wanted to make it.