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Difference between Do business and Do the business

do business

1. conduct transactions:

  • The principle on which we do business is P.O.D. Which literally means Pay on Delivery.

2. take up business as a subject of study:

  • I did Business at college. I also did Accounting as a separate course.

do the business

1. = do business 1:

  • The way we do the business, and even the way we live our lives has altered.

2. (also: do the job) accomplish one’s purpose; achieve the desired result:

  • Two simple rules well observed will do the business.

3. (euph.) have sex with a person: So he went home with her:

  • Do you think they did the business?

Note: Neither expression fully correlates in meaning with the phrase do one’s business

1. = do business:

  • Every new employee goes to a Pragmatic Marketing class, because we want them to understand how we do our business here.

2. (euph., of an animal) urinate or defecate:

  • You can’t teach it to eat from a certain bowl in a certain place, or to do its business in a litter box.