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Difference between Depart out of this world and Go out of this world

depart out of this world—(euph.) die; pass away:

  • But one thing, at times, assuages my grief, which is this: I am sure that he departed out of this world in peace.

go out of this world

1. (also: go from this world) = depart out of this world:

  • This put people to their graves a lot quicker than they should have gone out of this world.

2. have one’s mind far away from reality:

  • He hadn’t talked to anybody since then and it seemed he had gone out of this world.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase retire from the world

1. live alone from principle, seeing no one:

  • After a busy life teaching, he retired from the world and considered his own inner development.

2. enter a monastery or become a hermit:

  • To think that Catharine Glover nourished the private wish to retire from the world!