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Difference between Cut something away, Cut something off and Cut something out

cut something awaydetach smth. by cutting:

  • If you cut away some of the dead wood, you will have a healthier tree.

cut something off

1. remove smth. by cutting:

  • The man cut off a succulent piece of meat and handed it to me.

2. disconnect smth. such as gas, electricity, etc.:

  • Our water supply has been cut off again this week.

3. isolate or separate smth.:

  • Last night’s severe snowstorm cut off three villages.

cut something out

1. extract or obtain smth. by cutting:

  • He cut out this photograph from the newspaper.

2. refrain from smth.; give up smth.:

  • He has decided to cut out smoking and drinking.

3. delete words, paragraphs, etc.:

  • Before we can print this book, you will have to cut out all the four-letter words.

4. replace a competitor in business, etc.:

  • The big new store is going to cut all the small shops out.