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Difference between Cross the finish line and Cross the line

cross the finish line

1. cross the line which marks the end of a race:

  • Williams had been declared the winner, both for crossing the finish line first and on a corrected time basis.

2. complete a task:

  • By the year 2015 we can cross the finish line and know that all children with visual impairment have attained the right to education.

cross the line

1. = cross the finish line 1:

  • Catherine Coey was the first woman to cross the line in a time of 45 min. 57 sec.

2. overstep the limits of decency, respectability, etc.:

  • It is only when women cross the line drawn by patriarchy that real possibilities begin to emerge.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase get one’s lines crossed(also: get one’s wires crossed) misunderstand or be confused about smth.:

  • I thought I actually got my lines crossed, and might have misread the bus schedule, and sent my child out to the bus stop too early.