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Difference between Copper Nose and Old Copper Nose

Copper Nose —(hist.) the name given to Oliver Cromwell, lord protector of England (1599–1658):

  • Oliver Cromwell has a number of “nosey” nicknames—“Copper Nose,” “Ruby Nose” and “Nosey.”

Note: The nickname is apparently related to the expression copper nosea red nose caused by the disease “Acne rosacea” or by drunkenness:

  • He was a short, brawny old gentleman, with a double chin, a mastiff mouth, and a broad copper nose.

Old Copper Nose(hist., also: Copper-nose Harry) the name given to Henry VIII, king of England (1491 –1547):

  • These silver issues [of coins] were heavily debased, and as a result the king was referred to as “Old Copper Nose,” because the king’s nose turned copper-colored when the coin began to wear.