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Difference between Come up to something and Go up to something

come up to something

1. reach as high as smth.:

  • So, if you’re driving through water and it comes up to your grille, it’s getting to the stage where you may stall.

2. equal smth. in standard:

  • The meals cooked in most restaurants do not come up to those prepared at home.

3. (Progressive Tense) approach smth. in time:

  • It is coming up to November which means Ash is about to head down the aisle and get married.

go up to something

1. = come up to something 1:

  • If the water goes up to your neck, you’re even much more slow, so the deeper the water, the heavier you are.

2. go to an important place:

  • Women and children go up to town carrying buckets with fruit and river snails.

3. (UK) be allowed to move to the next higher class:

  • You have to pass your end of year exam to go up to the next grade.

4. reach as far as smth.:

  • The second chapter goes up to the end of the Great War; the third chapter discusses the ideological conflicts.

See also: come down to something / go down to something.