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Difference between Come up and Go up

come up

1. (of plants) appear above the soil:

  • I sowed some beans three weeks ago, but they haven’t come up yet.

2. (of a question, etc.) arise; be mentioned:

  • His name came up whenever the matter of nuclear energy was discussed.

3. (legal) be considered (in a court of law):

  • The paper announced the cases that were to come up at the assizes the following day.

4. (of an opportunity, etc.) arise; occur:

  • I’ll let you know as soon as a vacancy comes up.

5. rise in status, rank, etc.:

  • That politician has come up in my opinion since I heard his last speech.

go up

1. (of the curtain) rise:

  • The lights went down and the curtain went up.

2. be constructed:

  • New universities went up at a fantastic rate in the 1960s.

3. = come up 5:

  • Jane has gone up in my estimation since she did that.

4. move to the next higher class at school:

  • Did all the children go up at the end of the year?

5. (of prices, etc.) rise; increase:

  • Everything seems to be going up these days: coal, groceries, rents.

6. be shattered by explosion:

  • The munition factory went up when the bomb fell on it.