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Difference between Come to a point and Come to the point

come to a point

1. terminate in a point:

  • The deep green leaves come to a point and appear after the flowers in early spring.

2. reach a certain stage:

  • When we come to a point where we want to check the students’ understanding, we put up a multiple choice question.

3. (of a hunting dog ) take up a position with the head pointing in the direction of game:

  • If there is too much game … the dog might flush before he can come to a point.

come to the point

1. give the essential part of what one is trying to say, ignoring what is irrelevant:

  • Philip, I may as well come straight to the point. I’m pregnant….

2. = come to a point 2:

  • Science and technology had come to the point where the parts fed upon each other continuously to enlarge the whole.

3. (in the phrase “when it comes to the point”) when the moment for action or decision comes:

  • When it comes to the point they rarely effect any real reform.