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Difference between Come over and Go over

come over

1. come from a distance (to visit smb.):

  • You really must come over sometime and have dinner with us.

2. (of aircraft) pass overhead:

  • It’s terribly noisy living near the airport with planes coming over all the time.

3. (of a speech, plan, etc.) be received; succeed:

  • How did his latest speech come over?

4. change one’s opinion, political position, etc.:

  • Don’t worry about the chairman, he’ll soon come over.

5. (coll.) become (especially suddenly):

  • I came over all dizzy just for a moment, but I’m all right now.

6. (of sound) be heard on radio or stage:

  • Your voice comes over rather well.

go over

1. fall; turn over:

  • Keep still or the boat will go over!

2. = come over 1:

  • When are we going over to your mother’s again?

3. = come over 2:

  • Paratroopers went in and we had heard planes going over.

4. = come over 3:

  • How did John’s talk to the Women’s Institute go over?