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Difference between Come out of something and Go out of something

come out of something

1. leave the place (where smth. has been fixed):

  • The screw was rusty and wouldn’t come out of the wall.

2. (of stains, etc.) disappear; be removed from smth. (with cleaning):

  • Do you think these ink-marks will come out of my dress if I boil it?

go out of something

1. (of passion, tension, etc.) become less marked in smth.; disappear from smth.:

  • As time went by, the fury went out of his parliamentary speeches.

2. be no longer in fashion, business, etc.:

  • As from next Wednesday the oil and petrol pool, which has operated since the war, will go out of business.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase run out of something—have no further supply of smth.:

  • He had several forced landings, the first when he ran out of fuel over Syria.

See also: walk out of something / walk out on something.