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Difference between Come on and Go on

come on

1. continue to advance:

  • The soldiers came on in the face of heavy fire.

2. follow a person later:

  • The teacher went by train to his new job, and the family came on by bus.

3. (of electric light) be turned on:

  • Just as I entered the house, all the lights came on.

4. appear on duty:

  • The new man doesn’t come on till midnight.

5. appear on the stage or sports field:

  • When Laurence Olivier came on for the first time, the audience applauded.

6. (of an illness, headache, etc.) set in; begin:

  • My throat’s dry and a bit sore; perhaps I’ve got a cold coming

7. (Progressive Tense) make progress:

  • How is it coming on, and when will the first volume be ready?

8. is used to encourage a person to hurry or make more effort:

  • Come on, Jane, you can do better than that!

9. is used to express surprise or disbelief :

  • “I’m home all day working.” “Ah, come on. You don’t look like you’re working right now.”

10. (of a film, play, etc.) be shown:

  • There’s a very good play coming on next week.

11. (of a lawsuit, etc.) be considered by a court:

  • They have been waiting for a long time for their case to come on.

go on

1. continue a journey, etc. (after interruption):

  • The police examined the cars and then allowed them to go on.

2. travel ahead of others:

  • The advance party has gone on to see if the mountain is safe for the other climbers.

3. be able to fit on smth.:

  • If you fill the box too full, the lid won’t go on.

4. = come on 3:

  • The street lights go on when it gets dark, and go off at midnight.

5. = come on 5:

  • I was so nervous when I first went on.

6. keep talking excessively about smth.:

  • The teacher went on and on about good behavior, as usual.

7. continue; last:

  • How long did the war go on?

8. take place; happen:

  • The governing council has admitted that it did not know all that went on.

9. = come on 7:

  • By the way, how is your new project going on?

10. = come on 8:

  • Go on! There isn’t a moment to lose!

11. = come on 9:

  • Ah, go on. I don’t believe you.

12. (coll.) behave improperly:

  • Sad comfort whenever he returns, to hear how your brother has gone on!

13. have a friendly relationship:

  • We all go on well with each other here.

14. (of time) pass, proceed:

  • As time went on, the English court grew impatient.