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Difference between Come off and Go off

come off

1. fall from smth. such as a bicycle, etc.:

  • The horse refused at the first fence, and that’s when I came off.

2. become detached:

  • When I lifted the jug up, the handle came off.

3. (of an event) take place; succeed:

  • My friend’s marriage didn’t come off; his fiancée broke off the engagement.

go off

1. = come off 3:

  • They dotted lit bars and tables around the lot, and made sure the party went off without a hitch.

2. fall asleep or faint:

  • He didn’t seem to be able to go off, so he went into the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea.

3. explode; make a sudden noise:

  • Just as the burglar thought he was safely inside the house, the alarm went off.

4. (of food) deteriorate; become unfit to eat:

  • This milk was fresh this morning, but it’s gone off.

5. (of gas, electricity, etc.) become unavailable:

  • Just as the weather turned cold, the electricity supply went off.

6. (of goods) sell:

  • I found that the place was one of no trade, and that my goods went off very slowly.