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Difference between Come it and Go it

come it—(sl.)

1. succeed in doing smth.; attain one’s purpose:

  • I meant to pay him last week but I couldn’t come it.

2. do smth.; perform one’s part:

  • I can come it pretty well—nobody better, perhaps, in my own line.

3. perpetrate smth. illicit or criminal:

  • I told the prisoner if she came it any more, I certainly would lock her up.

go it—(coll.) act more vigorous than is usual:

  • She was really going it today—she did more work than she did during the whole of last week.


a) The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase go it alone—act independently:

  • He quit working for the company and decided to go it alone as a consultant, instead.

b) Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase run it—(UK) used of a vessel which in time of war does not sail with convoy:

  • The only merchant-ship bound to England is so well armed as to be able to run it.