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Difference between Come into the union and Go into the union

come into the union

1. (of American States) become incorporated into one confederation—the United States of America:

  • In 1850 New Mexico came into the Union as a free soil territory.

2. become a member of the trades-union:

  • In five days 19,000 new members came into the union, almost swamping the union officers in their clamor to have themselves enrolled.

go into the union

1. (UK hist.) go to live in a workhouse:

  • The magistrate advised her to go into the union … which would have separated her from her helpless son.

2. = come into the union 1:

  • When the 1816 Constitution was written and Indiana admitted, the Hoosier State went into the Union without slavery.

3. = come into the union 2:

  • People told me, “if you go into the union, you’ll sell out and won’t accomplish anything.”