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Difference between Come into someone’s head and Go to someone’s head

come into someone’s head—(of an idea, etc.) occur to a person; come to mind (also: enter someone’s head):

  • I write without any sort of constraint or method, as things come into my head.

go to someone’s head—

1. (of liquor) make smb. dizzy or slightly drunk:

  • The next four hours are spent sipping drinks which go straight to Norma’s head.

2. (of success) excite a person; make smb. conceited:

  • Don’t let failure go to your heart and don’t let success go to your head.

3. engross a person’s whole attention:

  • Unfortunately, he can’t spare you any time. He’s very busy writing a book and it’s gone to his head.

See also: come to a head / come to mind.