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Difference between Come in for something and Go in for something

come in for something

1. gain smth. after a person’s death:

  • Harry came in for a large share of his father’s fortune.

2. be the object of praise, criticism, etc:

  • The eldest sister always came in for much of the blame.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase come in on something—take part in some activity; share in smth.:

  • The lines of authority aren’t clearly drawn. The state detectives usually come in on murders.

go in for something

1. have smth. as one’s chosen career or pastime:

  • I thought he only went in for music and tennis.

2. (of a competition, etc.) enter as a contestant:

  • I’d like to go in for a more advanced examination if I can.

3. indulge in smth.:

  • Beauty salon hair dressers and cosmeticians expect women to go in for fancier coiffures.