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Difference between Come easy to someone and Go easy on someone

come easy to someone(of skills, money, etc.) be mastered or gained easily without much exertion:

  • She has a natural talent for learning, and it comes easy to her.

Cf.: easy come, easy goused to say that smth. you get easily can be lost as easily:

  • Several recessions taught me that unless you are disciplined about saving, money is easy come, easy go.

go easy on someone—(coll.) be lenient with a person; not treat smb. too harshly:

  • Go easy on Ben: he’s only very young and he tries hard.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase be easy-goingbe not easily annoyed or upset by other people’s actions:

  • Mrs. Harris wears the pants at home: Mr. Harris is far too quiet and easy-going to argue with her.