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Difference between Come down to something and Go down to something

come down to something

1. be reduced to its real meaning:

  • The whole matter comes down to a power struggle between the trade union and the directors.

2. be reduced to a humble position:

  • He finally came down to selling matches on street corners.

3. get down to smth.; examine smth.:

  • When we come down to details, the plan seems possible.

4. be reduced to a lower level:

  • I don’t think we will ever see prices come down to where they were two or three years ago.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase come down on somethingcriticize or attack smth.:

  • The critics came down much too hard on the performance.

go down to something

1. = come down to something 4:

  • The prices should go down to something more reasonable if they expect people to buy.

2. extend in time or space; reach as far as:

  • This book is no use to me; it only goes down to the General Election of 1951.