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Difference between Come down and Go down

come down

1. collapse; fall:

  • Several trees came down in last night’s storm.

2. (of a plane) be destroyed:

  • Three of the enemy planes came down in the battle.

3. (of a plane) land:

  • The plane came down safely in spite of the mist.

4. (of prices) be reduced:

  • Prices are much more likely to go up than to come down.

5. (of wind) subside:

  • We had very nice sailing for two hours then the wind came down and we had to start motorsailing.

6. be inherited:

  • This ring has come down in my family for two centuries.

7. become or be considered less valuable:

  • John really came down in my opinion after that.

8. (U.S. coll.) happen; take place:

  • When something like this comes down, I have to stop and think things over.

go down

1. = come down 1:

  • The man slipped on the ice and went down heavily.

2. (of the sun) set:

  • As the sun went down the whole sky became suffused with a red glow.

3. (of a vessel) sink; drown:

  • The ship struck a hidden reef and went down with all hands.

4. = come down 4:

  • It’s a strange thing, but prices never go down.

5. = come down 5:

  • If the wind doesn’t go down before three o’clock, we won’t be able to take off today.

6. be reduced in amount:

  • If our stocks of food go down much further, we shall have a hard winter.

7. suffer a decline in quality or appearance:

  • The neighborhood has gone down since those rough people moved in.

8. be recorded:

  • Everything you say will go down in our records.

9. (of a speech, performance, etc.) be accepted; be received:

  • How did your speech go down?

10. fail; be defeated:

  • One of my best students went down in the examination!

11. (of food or medicine) be swallowed:

  • The medicine went down without any trouble at all.

12. = come down 8:

  • Something strange is going down around here.

See also: go below / go under.