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Difference between Acquirement, Acquisition, Attainment and Accomplishment

Difference between Come away and Go away

come away

1. become detached from smth.:

  • I pulled the rotten wood and it came away without difficulty.

2. leave a place or the company of others:

  • We came away with the uneasy feeling that all was not well with their marriage.

go away

1. = come away 2:

  • His manner became so repellent that visitors went away moralizing on the absurdity of nouveaux riches….

2. (imper.) is used to rudely tell a person to be off:

  • I’m tired of your constant complaints; go away and leave me in peace.

3. (of a newly-wed couple) leave the wedding guests and go on one’s honeymoon:

  • Mary bought a very smart outfit to go away in.