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Difference between Come around and Go around

come around—(also: come round)

1. pay a (short) visit:

  • Well, come around and see us once in a while when you get lonesome.

2. take place; happen regularly:

  • These questions come around quite often; I get numerous mails on a regular basis from people.

3. regain consciousness:

  • I must have blacked out again because when I came around this time, I found myself outside.

4. agree to smth. in the end:

  • Having a mind of her own made Nina a challenge to live with … but she finally came around to see my point of view.

go around—(also: go round)

1. be publicly noticed doing smth.:

  • You can’t go around saying nasty things like that about him in public.

2. (of news, rumors, etc.) be passed on from person to person:

  • There was a weird story going around that James had been virtually forced out of the house.

3. (of food, etc.) be distributed to everybody:

  • If there is not enough to go around let the dictum “children first” be the guiding principle.