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Difference between Color man and Man of color

color man

1. a dealer in paints:

  • By the early 1770s … the head colorman, Constantine Smith, had invented a dark, semi-matt, over-glaze blue enamel of exceptional brilliance.

2. smb. who colors maps, prints, etc.:

  • A Map of the Mediterranean … is remarkable for the fact that the color man has forgotten the alteration of the frontiers of Greece.

3. (TV) a broadcaster who adds background information to commentary:

  • While he was a fantastic wrestler, his brief stint as a color man seemed misguided.

man of color—(also: colored man) a person who belongs to a race of people who do not have white skin:

  • The man of color in every French territory had to say “yes” or “no” to a continued relationship within the French community.