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Difference between Clear something off and Clear something out

clear something off

1. remove smth. unwanted in order to leave a clear space:

  • Please clear your papers off so that I can serve dinner.

2. pay one’s debts, remaining payments, etc.:

  • I hope to clear off my mortgage in a few months’ time.

3. dispose of the goods, etc. (selling them cheaply):

  • The manager wants to clear off all the old stock in the warehouse.

4. (coll.) get rid of smth.; make an end of smth.:

  • I’d like to clear off the rest of the work which was waiting for me after my holiday.

clear something out

1. = clear something off 1:

  • I hope you’ve cleared out all those papers and envelopes from your drawer this time.

2. = clear something off 3:

  • If you need to clear out the goods now we do have a small amount of storage space.

3. (coll.) rob a place:

  • They completely cleared out the shop window display making off with gold chains.