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Difference between City of Angels and City of Saints

City of AngelsLos Angeles (California, USA):

  • From The City of Angels to the City of Saints: The struggle to build a railroad from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City.

City of Saints

1. Montreal (Quebec, Canada):

  • Martin said he came from a city of saints, where all the streets were named after saints.

2. Salt Lake City (Utah, USA):

  • The “City of Saints” grew from the toil and resolve of a hardy band of Mormon pioneers.

Note: Neither expression correlates in meaning with the phrase City of God

1. heaven as an ideal abode of bliss:

  • The Christians were convinced that the “City of God” was infinitely more important than happiness on earth.

2. (also: Holy City) Jerusalem (in Christian and Judaic tradition):

  • The city of God, Jerusalem represents a sphere in which God’s interests are protected and God’s dominion is exercised.