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Difference between Charge someone for something and Charge someone up for something

charge someone for somethingask a person to pay a certain price for smth.:

  • I was charged for a few pounds of overweight luggage.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase charge someone with something

1. declare that a person is guilty of smth.:

  • All the members demanded with one voice who it was who was charged with the crime.

2. entrust a person with a duty or responsibility:

  • Students are under the supervision of the Censor, who is charged with the care of their conduct and studies.

charge someone up for something

1. stimulate smb.’s enthusiasm or readiness for smth.:

  • An excellent beefsteak in the company of truckers charged me up for the day’s exertions.

2. make a person pay more by raising the price:

  • On top of the food, he charged me up for bogus Lottery tickets.