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Difference between Cast something off and Throw something off

cast something off

1. (of clothing ) remove; take off:

  • As the sun grew warmer, he cast off his heavy winter clothes.

2. get rid of smth. unwanted; become free from smth.:

  • He was pleased to cast off such an unwelcome responsibility.

3. (of snakes) get rid of a skin:

  • Snakes cast off their old skin once a year.

4. release a boat from its moorings by untying a rope:

  • Don’t cast off the boat till everyone is on board.

throw something off

1. = cast something off 1:

  • It’s good to throw off heavy clothes now that summer is here.

2. = cast something off 2:

  • It’s very difficult to throw off old habits of thoughts.

3. (of heat, smell, etc.) give out; emit:

  • When this material burns it throws off a nasty smell and a lot of smoke.

4. write or compose smth. quickly and easily:

  • It shouldn’t take me more than an afternoon to throw this article off.

5. (also: throw something away) say smth. casually or carelessly:

  • Be careful what remarks you throw off in front of her, she’s very sensitive.

6. cause mistakes in smth.:

  • Any small interruption is likely to throw off my calculation.