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Difference between Care for someone and Take care of someone

care for someone

1. like smb.; be fond of a person:

  • I do not really care for Kerry. He was certainly the one I liked the least during the debates.

2. have regard for smb.:

  • She seems like she only cares for people with money and people who are “known.”

3. be responsible for the support or treatment of patients, little children, etc.:

  • Brand doesn’t need an office because she only cares for patients in their homes.

take care of someone

1. = care for someone 3:

  • I witnessed him in action, and I participated in helping him take care of his patients in his clinic.

2. (sl., euph.) get rid of or kill a person:

  • While continuing to comment on “taking care of the park manager,” he displayed a small handgun to Olson.