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Difference between By the seat of one’s pants and By the skin of one’s teeth

by the seat of one’s pants—do smth. using experience and intuition rather than theory:

  • I don’t follow recipes, but prefer to cook by the seat of my pants, as it were.

by the skin of one’s teeth—only just manage to get smth. accomplished:

  • Making my train by the skin of my teeth, I haven’t had time to buy a paper for the journey.

Cf.: it is no skin off one’s teeth —(also: it is no skin off one’s nose)

1. it is no difficulty for a person:

  • I felt it was going to benefit some people who needed it so it was really no skin off my teeth to get involved.

2. it makes no difference to a person:

  • That said, I opt to wear a helmet, myself. But it’s no skin off my teeth whether other folks decide to or not.