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Difference between Buy it and Get it

buy it—(sl.)

1. believe smth.:

  • I told my new boyfriend that I am pregnant with his kid. Do you think he will buy it?

Cf.: sell it—(sl.) persuade a person to accept smth. as true:

  • Don’t try to sell it to me as a great work of comedy. The film struck me as being very dumb.

2. die, especially suddenly or violently (also: buy the farm):

  • By the time we could get to the hospital, he had bought it.

get it

1. (often negat.) understand smth.:

  • As for the movie, well, I don’t get it. There seems to be something profound going on here that I don’t understand.

2. (coll.) be punished:

  • “Boy,” I said, “are you going to get it when mom sees you.”