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Difference between Bring something to the ground and Get something off the ground

bring something to the ground

1. (of a plane) land:

  • He made the landing as carefully as he could and brought the plane to the ground with as much care as possible.

2. topple smth. by a blow or shot:

  • But it was the arrow of the elder man which pierced the animal and brought it to the ground.

3. treat smth. so badly as to destroy it:

  • They wanted to launch a general strike which would bring the country to the ground.

get something off the ground

1. (of a stranded ship) get afloat:

  • There was ten feet of water inside the ship, so there was no longer any hope to get the ship off the ground.

2. put a rocket into space or get a plane to fly:

  • I’ll announce the weather to the passengers as soon as we get the plane off the ground.

3. (of a project, scheme, etc.) launch; get started:

  • To get the plan off the ground, Carter has asked that funding for the program be increased.