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Difference between Bring someone down to earth and Bring someone to the ground

bring someone down to earth

1. cause a pilot to descend:

  • If you take your parachute you have a certain return ticket, and one that will bring you safely down to earth.

2. (also: bring someone down) make a person return to reality (face unpleasant truth, etc.):

  • So I call for the bill. Which brings us down to earth with an ugly thud.

bring someone to the ground—(also: bring someone down)

1. = bring someone down to earth 1:

  • The ejection seat was used three times … it worked as planned and three times it brought the pilot to the ground dead!

2. knock smb. down:

  • A crabstick, which was all the weapon he had, brought the fellow to the ground with the first blow.

3. inflict a crushing defeat upon an opponent:

  • This nation will not be brought to the ground by enemy action!