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Difference between Break something away, Break something off and Break something out

break something awaydetach smth. completely by breaking:

  • You’ll have to break the branches away to get through the thick forest.

break something off

1. cause smth. to come apart from smth. else:

  • Mary broke off some of the chocolate to give to the children.

2. = break something away:

  • These are wonderful plants and I definitely need advice on what to do after they bloom. How far do you break the branches off?

3. (of an agreement, association, etc.) end abruptly; discontinue:

  • The talks were broken off an hour ago and will not be resumed today.

4. stop doing smth. for a short time:

  • Let’s break off work and have a cup of tea now.

break something out

1. break smth. in an outward direction:

  • They had to break the door out to escape from the fire.

2. unfold or open smth.:

  • We must break out a new case of wine for his birthday.