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Difference between Break down and Break up

break down

1. (of machinery) fail to operate:

  • The car broke down on the way to the airport, and I had to take a taxi.

2. (of an attack, talks, etc.) fail; come to nothing:

  • I expect the negotiations to break down soon.

3. suffer emotional disorder; lose control of oneself:

  • The task before her was so difficult that she almost broke down in performing it.

break up

1. (of things) separate into smaller pieces or parts:

  • In spring the ice on the Great Lakes breaks up.

2. (of a party, meeting, etc.) come to an end:

  • The party broke up when the police arrived.

3. (U.S. coll.) convulse with laughter; be greatly amused:

  • Peter just broke up when we told him what had happened.

4. (of married people) separate:

  • She had heard that John and Lucille had just broken up.