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Difference between Book someone in and Bring someone to book

book someone in

1. (also: sign someone in) record the entrance of an employee, the name of a guest on arrival at a hotel, etc.:

  • I’ll just book you in and then you can have a rest.

2. make an entry of a person’s name, etc. in a police register following detention:

  • If you are taken into police custody, you will be booked in by the duty police officer.

Note: The expression is not equivalent in meaning to the phrase book someone—(Police) charge a person with a legal offence:

  • He was booked for speeding and driving without a licence.

bring someone to bookcall smb. to account; make a person responsible for doing smth. wrong:

  • They must have had powerful supporters, for little attempt seems to have been made to bring them to book.