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Difference between Body shop and Body shopper

body shop

1. a shop or garage where the bodies of automotive vehicles are repaired:

  • After a car accident, I had my car repaired at a body shop my insurance company referred me

2. (Body Shop) a UK based skin and body care company:

  • A talk was given by a Body Shop representative about the pressures put on women in order for cosmetic companies to sell their anti-aging products.

3. (sl.) an employment agency:

  • Known as “body shops,” some of these middlemen are at the heart of many of the charges of visa fraud. They recruit workers overseas and arrange for their visas.

body shopper —(sl.) a contractor in a Third World country who recruits local programmers for U.S. companies:

  • Programmers undercut by foreign body shoppers are waging a campaign to get immigration authorities to stop issuing shortterm visas to foreign programmers.