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Difference between Boat man and Bumboat man

boat man

1. a man who lends out small boats or rows one for pay:

  • There he found a solitary boatman, whom he hailed, and was soon seated in his kayak.

2. a water-bug (Notonecta glauca), whose body resembles a boat:

  • The boatman dives under the water, occasionally coming to the surface for a supply of air.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase boat person—(pl. boat people) a refugee who attempts to flee his country by putting out to sea in a small boat:

  • There’s nothing wrong with being a boat person. The boat saved my life.

bumboat man—(pl. bumboat people) a person in a boat selling small merchandise to ships lying at a distance from the shore:

  • A bumboat man sold him a dodgy camera without film on his first trip through the Suez Canal.