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Difference between Blue million and Blue money

blue million—(coll.) lots of money:

  • West Virginia taxpayers have spent a blue million to provide computers to thousands of offices in state government.

blue money—(U.S.)

1. money from the states whose residents predominantly vote for the Democratic Party, as contrasted with “red money” associated with the Republican Party:

  • Urban areas subsidize rural areas, and the rural parts of America are more red than blue. Hence the claim of blue money flowing into red pockets.

2. (also: old money) said of the inherited wealth of people who have been rich for many generations:

  • We wonder why she isn’t planning on donating all of her earnings from the tape to charity, since she clearly doesn’t need the “blue money.”

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the verbal phrase blue one’s money—(sl.) spend one’s money quickly and recklessly:

  • Men in cotton shirts and corduroys met there to “blue” their money on fiery colonial rum.