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Difference between Acquirement, Acquisition, Attainment and Accomplishment

Difference between Blue Bird and Bluebird

Blue Birdis used as a symbolical expression of happiness:

  • All these ladies have tried to catch this same Blue Bird.


1. any of several birds that have blue feathers:

  • We were fortunate to see such birds as a sky-blue mountain bluebird.

2. (Drug users) a depressant; a blue capsule or tablet containing barbiturate:

  • Here, this little bluebird will sing you to sleep.

Note: The compound does not correlate in meaning with the phrase blue canaryan emergency worker (a firefighter or a law enforcement officer) whose death alerts other personnel to a hazardous situation (from the use of canaries in coal mines, whose death would alert miners to the presence of dangerous gases):

  • The “blue canaries,” as police and firefighters are sometimes called, would probably suffer heavy casualties until the (chemical) agent is identified.