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Difference between Blow it and Blow me

blow it

1. (sl.) lose or bungle an opportunity, etc.:

  • He’ll probably blow it. He’s beginning to look old.

2. (interj.) used as an oath or expletive to express annoyance:

  • Blow it! I just can’t get this wallpaper straight!

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase blow it out of proportion—make smth. appear more significant than it should be:

  • It’s sensational and it is easy to make headlines out of it. But the media blew it out of proportion.

blow me

1. (UK) is used as an emphatic exclamation to express surprise (also: blow me down):

  • Blow me if it isn’t old Charley—I’ve not seen you for years: how are you, old friend?

2. (U.S. coarse sl.) a very vulgar phrase with sexual implication hurled by an angry person:

  • And if the authorities don’t like it—well, they can blow me!