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Difference between Black-collar workers adn White-collar workers

black-collar workers

1. miners (especially coal miners) and oil workers:

  • He began performing in the smoky gin mills that catered to black-collar workers who liked their booze and blues straight.

2. (sl.) people engaged in media industries (artists, graphic designers, video producers, etc.):

  • Black-collar workers, for those of you that aren’t cool enough to know, are the “creative types”; media, fashion, entertainment, etc.

white-collar workersemployees whose job is clerical, as opposed to blue-collar workers engaged in manual work:

  • Today blue-collar workers can earn more than some of their whitecollar counterparts.

Cf.: pink-collar workers—women who work at traditional non-manual jobs (as secretaries, cashiers, etc.):

  • The book allows the voices of the pink-collar workers to demonstrate the simultaneous burdens and pleasures of their work.