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Difference between Big word and Little word

big word

1. a long word that is difficult to spell:

  • Her gift [the dictionary] will always be there on the shelf, helping me to get the big words straight.

2. a rare word, especially when used in pompous speech:

  • He is using the big words in an attempt to make himself look smart.

3. the most important word; the key-word:

  • In the majority of the ads for new houses, “split-level” is the big word, the selling word.

little word—(also: small word)

1. a short and simple word:

  • Jerseymen turn every statement into a question with that little word “Ay?”

2. (coll.) a short conversation:

  • I want to have a little word with you about last night.

3. (coll.) a short utterance:

  • If anybody dares say one little word about you, I’ll tend to them.