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Difference between Be full of beans and Not have a bean

be full of beans—(coll.)

1. be full of energy; be in high spirits:

  • I had a good night’s sleep in a hotel and was feeling very full of beans.

2. (U.S. also: be full of prunes) exaggerate or talk nonsense:

  • While I often think that you are full of beans I have to say that I agree with much of this.

Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase not amount to a hill of beans—(coll.) be of little significance:

  • What you learn at school doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared with what you can find out for yourself outdoors.

not have a bean —(coll.) have no money whatever:

  • Lady Laura is always staying with people. She hasn’t got a bean, I gather.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase give someone beans—(coll.) scold or punish a person severely:

  • He wanted to give me beans, but Florence wouldn’t let him. She said “Father you are not to touch him.”