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Danger vs Peril vs Jeopardy vs Hazard vs Risk

Danger, peril, jeopardy, hazard, risk mean either the state or fact of being threatened with loss of life or property or with serious injury to one's health or moral integrity or the cause or source of such a threat.

Danger is the general term and implies contingent evil in prospect but not necessarily impending or inescapable.

Peril usually carries a stronger implication of imminence than danger and suggests even greater cause for fear and a much higher degree of probability of loss or injury.

Jeopardy implies exposure to extreme or dangerous chances. The term is much used in law in reference to persons accused of serious offenses, being tried in court, and therefore exposed to the danger of conviction and punishmentc.

Hazard implies danger from something fortuitous or beyond one's control; it is not so strong a term as jeopardy.

Risk, more frequently than hazard, implies a voluntary taking of doubtful or adverse chances.