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Corrective vs Control vs Check vs Antidote

Corrective, control, check, antidote are comparable in their extended senses where they denote something which serves to keep another thing in its desired place or condition.

Corrective is applied to an agency or influence which keeps true a thing that is subject to aberration or deviation, or which rectifies or remedies a departure in it from truth, balance, soundness, or health.

Control is applied to a predetermined device, rule, agency, or procedure which sets a guard upon a person or thing so as to prevent his or its overpassing prescribed limits or so as to enable him or it to be discovered if in error.

Check is applied to something which affords a means of securing or insuring accuracy, uniformity in quality, or the maintenance of a standard.

Antidote, basically a remedy that counteracts a poison, implies that harm has been done and that a corrective which will neutralize or nullify these effects is necessary.