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Contract vs Shrink vs Condense vs Compress vs Constrict vs Deflate

Contract, shrink, condense, compress, constrict, deflate denote to decrease in bulk, volume, or content, but they vary widely in their suggestion as to how this decrease is effected and what consequences it has.

Contract means to draw together the sides or the particles of, especially by a force from within, with a consequent reduction in compass or a compacting of the mass.

Shrink means to contract so as to fall short of an original length, bulk, or volume.

Condense denotes reduction, usually of something more or less homogeneous, to greater compactness without material loss of content.

Compress, which also means to reduce to a compact state, differs from condense in that it connotes a pressing or squeezing of something formless or diffused into definite shape or into a small compass.

Constrict means to make narrow or smaller in diameter either by contraction or by squeezing.

Deflate means to cause to shrink by exhausting of a gas, air, or something insubstantial.