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Continue vs Last vs Endure vs Abide vs Persist

Continue, last, endure, abide, persist are comparable when meaning to remain indefinitely in existence or in a given condition or course.

Continue distinctively refers to the process and stresses its lack of an end rather than the duration of or the qualities involved in that process. Often, in addition, it suggests an unbroken course.

Last especially in its derivative lasting (see LASTING) when unqualified usually stresses length of existence exceeding what is normal or expected.

When qualified, last often loses this distinctive implication.

Endure adds to last the implication of resistance, especially to destructive forces or agencies.

Abide and its derivative abiding imply stability or constancy, especially in opposition to mutability or impermanence.

Persist adds to continue the implication of outlasting the appointed or normal time; it often also connotes recurrence, especially in sporadic instances.