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Consummate vs Finished vs Accomplished

Consummate, finished, accomplished are comparable when meaning brought to completion or perfection.

Their distinctions lie chiefly in the degree of perfection, in the means by which this perfection is attained, and, at times, in their application; consummate and finished apply to persons or to things; accomplished, as a rule, to persons only.

Something is consummate which attains the highest possible point or degree of perfection or which possesses the highest possible qualities, whether natural or acquired.

Something which is finished (see also finish at CLOSE vb 2) manifests such care and exquisiteness in performance or workmanship that nothing additional is required to perfect it or to increase its technical excellence.

One is accomplished who is distinguished for his skill, his versatility, and his finesse; the word often suggests mastery in whatever is attempted.

Accomplished sometimes implies merely the acquirement of social arts and graces or accomplishments.