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Compendium vs Syllabus vs Digest vs Pandect vs Survey vs Sketch vs PrÉCis vs Aperçu

Compendium, syllabus, digest, pandect, survey, sketchprécis, aperçu are comparable when they mean a treatment of a subject or of a topic in brief compass.

A compendium gathers in brief, orderly, and intelligible form, sometimes outlined, the facts, principles, or details essential to a general understanding of some matter; the word typically implies compilation rather than original investigation.

A syllabus, often presented with a series of headings, points, or propositions, gives concise statements affording a view of the whole and an indication of its significance.

A digest presents a body of information gathered from many sources and arranged and classified for ready accessibility, often alphabetized and indexed; the word also indicates a condensed easy-to-read version.

A pandect is a systematic digest covering the whole of a monumental subject.

A survey is a brief comprehensive presentation giving main outlines, often as a preliminary aid to thorough study or more detailed treatment.

A sketch is a slight tentative preliminary presentation subject to later change, emendation, and amplification.

A précis is a concise clear-cut statement or restatement of main matters, often in the form of a report or a summary that suggests the style or tone of an original.

An aperçu is a sketch giving a very brief and sometimes impressionistic compression of the whole, with all details omitted.