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Blaze vs Flame vs Flare vs Glare vs Glow

Blaze, flame, flare, glare, glow are comparable both as verbs meaning to burn or appear to burn brightly and as nouns denoting a brightly burning light or fire.

Blaze implies great activity in burning, the thorough kindling of the burning substance or material, and the radiation of intense light and often heat.

Flame suggests a darting tongue or tongues of fire formed by rapidly burning gas or vapor; it therefore often connotes less steadiness than blaze and sometimes less intense heat and light.

Flare implies flame, especially a flame darting up suddenly against a dark background or from a dying fire.

Glare (see also GAZE) emphasizes the steady emission or reflection of bright light; it sometimes connotes an almost unendurable brilliancy.

Glow also stresses the emission of light, but it suggests an absence of flame and therefore connotes steadiness, intensity, radiance without brilliance, and often warmth and duration.